Saturday, January 5, 2013

Decorating Style

So I was over at Young House Love blog. This blog is amazing. It's about a couple's adventures doing DIY projects and renovating their home. It's definitely worth a read.

Young House Love
But, while I was over there I  was reading through some posts they have on learning your decorating style. Lately, as Frank and I have been brainstorming things we can do around the apartment to make it feel...well...less like an apartment, I've realized that I seem to gravitate towards certain styles of furniture and certain accessories. I've never really thought I had much of a style and I find myself drooling over other people's style. But, I did go through registering for our wedding and have somehow put together the items we have today.

I still struggle daily with wanting to switch around the way things are decorated and wanting to raid Marshalls or HomeGoods for new items to add contrast or interest or just something new (don't we all?). So, all of that to say, I thought it would be interesting to take a few different quizzes to see what the experts say my style is.

1. This first one is from HomeGoods one of my favorite stores. You can take this quiz (here). They show a large grid of little photos and you're supposed to pick 5 that you are initially drawn to. Then, based on the style of those photos, they tell you what your "style" is and give you tips etc.

I am Farmhouse Glam according to HomeGoods. You can see my full profile (here).

The quiz also said I had "a touch Classic". See the full description (here).

Overall, I think this quiz was pretty accurate. I've learned I gravitate towards more natural items, neutral colors with touches of some "bling" with an antique feel.

2. I took another quiz over at Basically, they show you a series of photos of rooms and ask if you Love it, Like it, It's just Ok, Don't like it, or Hate it. To be honest, I didn't love any of them. I only liked maybe 3 photos. You can take this quiz (here).

Over at they said I have Nantucket Style.

Nantucket Style

Oh how you love the beach! Who doesn't, right? And so your dream home is either perched in your favorite beach town, or you've brought that favorite beach town into your house.


Your art and accessories speak directly to the activities that are found at the beach. Pieces of driftwood you found here, pictures or paintings of the amazing views there. Things that remind you of the coast - surf boards or fishing boats - are found throughout the house. The feeling of the seaside is both abstract and literal in the design of your space. The fabrics are natural, cottons and linens and are light in color and touch. Much of the furniture is wood or wood framed (the lighter the better, think driftwood!) and wicker, when done right, is a must.


And since your true inspiration is the sea, the colors and textures in your home are the same that you would find at your favorite beach: white, light beiges and grays of the sand and driftwood, a variety of blues for the ocean and sky, and greens and vibrant blues of the sea glass... but the key is white! Your space should feel light and airy and give off the mood one has when at the beach: laid back!

Space Planning

Your furniture is comfortable and the layout is cozy. The more it reminds you of actually sitting on the warm sand the better! And what do you do at the beach? Hang out with family and friends - and your home is just an extension of this play place... and though the space is filled with large white furniture, it somehow manages to feel both durable and casual.

I can't really say this assessment is all wrong. It's pretty true. It's my dream to live in a beach home on the coast of New England. 

And I am drawn to beachy hues and accents. The colors part is right on. I don't really use decorations that are actually beach-related (i.e., surfboards, starfish, and fishing boats). So that's not necessarily true, but who knows, maybe if I lived in a home by the shore things would be different. We did have lighthouses as our table number holders at our wedding...

Courtesy of Kara Loomis Photography

Overall, these quizzes were actually fun! I enjoyed taking them and it really helped me to zone in on some aspects of my style that will help when choosing curtains, wall colors, and wall art (some of our plans for the Spring). So stay tuned!

Also, stay tuned for my next post about a great series Frank and I will be starting this week with A Bowl Full of Lemons blog. Hint: It has to do with emptying my cabinets, drawers, pantry, and closets. 

I hope you're enjoying your weekend! 

If you take any of these quizzes I'd love to hear what your results were and if you think they were accurate!


Jen Migonis said...

I didn't think the results were completely accurate for me so I took it a couple of times... but I think it's because I can't really nail down my style. There is this one house I've been in recently that has so much of my style but of course I'd tweak things but it was so great for me to be in that space and think YES! This is what I want to lean towards...
I read a magazine article from over a year ago that I'd torn out of a magazine about a woman who made it her goal to leave 2011 with less than she started with with... pare down your belongings to only what you really really love. And she said she made it a pact to only buy things that she'd keep for 5 years. Interesting philosophy... I love that idea.

Brittany Helen said...
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Brittany Helen said...

Thanks for your comment Jen. I think with any quiz like that it can never be completely accurate and I also think styles can change over time too. Plus, I think it's great that you have a varied style--makes things interesting!
I also love the idea of paring down belongings for more simplicity. It can make things look better having less clutter. Thanks for stopping by