Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Break

Hi Everyone! It's been some time since my last post and for that I am sorry! I didn't mean to leave you all hanging! We've been working on some updates to the apartment, I've been working hard on school work, and Frank and I have both had some unfortunate family events that we've been needing to take some time to focus on.

I absolutely love blogging and it makes me excited to share projects, recipes, organization and life "stuff" with you! Unfortunately, I need to be honest with myself right now and realize that sometimes we need to take a step back from life for a while for our own rest and sanity. I've realized in the past few weeks that right now, I need to focus on these last two months of grad school, study for my licensing exam and also take some time to be with my family, and most importantly my husband!

So, I'll be taking a brief break from blogging while I finish up some big assignments, graduate grad school and focus on family. I will be looking forward to returning to the blog world as soon as I can! Then, I will have MUCH more time to spend actually working on projects so we can check lots of things off our to do list!

Until then, I hope that you all enjoy a wonderful Spring season! Breathe in the fresh air! Enjoy the extra hours of sunlight! Get lots of needed spring cleaning done and do some fun projects!

Think of it as an extended Spring Break! I'll be back before Summer begins!

Before I officially pause from blogging, I wanted to leave you with a few pictures from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

I made a wreath for our door!

Once I put it up, though, I realized it needs some more berries and some flowers I think. But with my luck, when I went to Michael's to get a glue gun and glue, I didn't check to make sure I got the right sized not working more on my wreath yet. I'll have to remember to show you what it looks like in May.

I bought some tulips and daffodils for our apartment and threw away most of the greens I've had out since Christmas...don't judge. The colorful flowers really helped put me in a better mood this week. Please excuse the poor quality of these photos....they're from my iphone.

We've been using the bulletin board I made a few weeks ago! We love it! No more ugly cork boards!

I made calzones for Frank one night this week. It's an easy meal, a bit different than your average pizza and if you make them big enough they're great for leftovers!


And....of course in between my classes, internship, actual job and other life activities...I've been keeping Starbucks in business!

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Happy almost Spring!