In college I felt that God created a deep desire within me to learn about and travel to Southern Africa, but I was never able to get overseas.  In the Summer of 2010 I met an amazing couple at our church who were missionaries in Harare, Zimbabwe. They ran an AIDS initiative there called the ANESU partnership. They worked with many different programs and churches in and around Harare to work to support orphans and victims of AIDS and also to create and maintain partnerships with churches in other countries to pray for and support these programs in Zimbabwe from overseas.
In January 2011 I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Harare with 9 other members of my church. We spent 10 days learning about all that is happening in Zimbabwe, met a pastor of a church our home church now partners with through ANESU, visited children in 10 different orphanages, and visited a missionary hospital in northern Zimbabwe called Karanda. After I returned, I blogged about the adventures and experiences I had while I was there.

You can read about my trip to Zimbabwe here:

I hope to someday return. Until then, a piece of my heart remains in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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