Monday, February 27, 2012

running is cheaper than therapy

So, the other day, in Pinterest...go figure...I was looking through stuff to inspire me to get into shape. I've been trying for what seems like FOREVER to find the motivation, the energy, and the determination to get into a fitness plan. It seems like I have a great motivation and then it quickly dwindles. I've tried all sorts of things and have been trying for about 2 years now. Nothing. Works.
I orginially started with p90x since Frank had been doing it, got great results, and pushed me to do the same. I hate P90x. I never looked forward to it. I got frustrated with the weight lifting because I felt like I wasn't burning any fat. And I didn't enjoy one minute! So, ofcourse after a few weeks I stopped.

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

After that I joined a gym with the expectation that paying for a membership every month would be motivation to keep going--plus my best friend is a member at the same gym. This worked for about...2 months. Then, I started to get sick of the drive since the gym was a bit further (I thought the distance wouldn't be a problem for motivation since my friend would be there). Then, my friend started to stop going...hence why I stopped going. And subsequently wasted a ton of money for the following...9 months or so...

After that I got motivated again and tried to combine P90x with running. My sister had been running like a fiend and was getting amazing results! I tried an app on my iphone called "couch to 5k" with hopes to sign up for a race in the fall. So, I began running around my house. It was SO difficult. I have exercise induced asthma which totally throws a wrench into everything, but I was determined, yet again, to overcome it with an inhaler and perseverance. However, the summer was probably not the smartest time of year to begin this. It was hot. I got tired quickly. The pollen and grass was NOT helping the whole asthma situation (as I am allergic to most plants outside. AND I was not keeping up with the P90x for 2 reasons. 1. It was too much to expect myself to all of a sudden do 90 minute workouts each day AND run for 30 minutes. 2. I still hated p90x. ALOT. I actually gained alot of weight doing it and it still did not make me feel any better. (except maybe the ab ripper X)

Then the fall semester happened. I ate horribly. I gained weight. I felt like crap. I told myself the lie that I was too tired and too busy to fit workouts into my schedule. So I did absolutely nothing. All. semester. long. Then, I tried to cancel my gym membership and was told that I actually signed up for an 18 month contract and had the membership until May if I liked it or not. Also, I realized that I was getting married in 6 months if I liked it or not and was not going to like the way I looked in a bathing suit--which would probably ruin my vacation to Punta Cana if I didn't get my tooshy in gear REAL fast.

So, all of that to say: I started slow this time. Ditched what I hated, because exercise is supposed to be alittle enjoyable. I'm not going to go back to the workout if it makes me want to pull my hair out and scream. So, I picked 2 days a week to go to the gym with my friend (who fortunately now goes regularly again). When I go, I don't kill myself, I just do as much cardio as I can--usually 40-50 minutes. I've tried to use the treadmill when I can and alternate between running and walking .5 miles at a time. This was challenging at first, but with a friend it really helped pass the time. Now, I've been trying to go 3x a week and I've been using the cardio ab workout from Insanity when I can (Frank owns it). I love that ab work out...and the Insanity workout altogether. But, I've been losing stomach fat and beginning to see results a little bit at a time. Ofcourse this includes cutting out fast food and other gross things that are fried (I try to tell myself they're gross...).

I am by NO means there yet. I am still working on it and still have days when I just want to skip the gym and take a nap. And I honestly don't think that 3 days is enough to get the results I want, but I realized to keep up with a routine I had to start small. I've been going strong for 2 months now! I just got to keep it up.

And today I am writing this, because I had one of the best runs I've had yet. I ran the longest I've ever run straight through without stopping--OUTSIDE! Granted, it's winter and it's crazy warm for February, so I have the best of both worlds (no pollen and warm air). But I also realized that I really enjoy running. I finally got that feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation afterwards that I've heard people talk about but never really understood. It felt amazing! And I want more!

I hope I can keep this up! No, I don't hope. I'm determined. I will keep this up.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Slight Pinterest Obsession

I might be slightly obsessed with pinterest. Okay, alittle more than slightly...okay ALOT. The thing is, it's just a really good way to brainstorm ideas, or just steal other peoples'! Honestly though, it's great for motivation. The 3 biggest things I've researched on pinterest lately? Fitness tips/motivation, recipes, and home decor inspiration. My goal? To actually use the tips, motivation, and inspiration to DO something instead of just saying to myself, "oh wow I should do that!" I thought I'd start by choosing 3 things to try this week. Go to this blog for the recipe!

This is totally easy enough to do even on a busy day!

I am going to pick one of these for a lunch this week...maybe I'll even do a post on it!

What are your goals for this coming week?


When we got engaged over a year ago I remember telling Frank how excited I was to register. I mean, come on! What's more exciting than picking out things that other people will buy for you!? Well, let me tell is MUCH more stressful than you'd think. Frank and I started registering back in September...I just recently finished. And trust me, I've changed things, added things, deleted things, and had to replace a few things that went out of stock (frustrating!) throughout the entire 6 months! 
I have to admit, my mom has been a huge help, although a bit of an over-achiever at times. She's been lately emailing me suggestions that start out as, "I was looking at your registry..." and end with a list of things she thinks I should add, change, or get from a different store for a better deal. Annoying? Sometimes...especially at 9:30 when I'm just getting home from an 8-hour work day on top of 3 hours of class. But mostly, she's been super helpful. 
Aside from all the stress that surrounds choosing every item I may or may not need for our future household, it is honestly turning me into one of those people obsessed with decorating their home. I kid you not. Registering is what got me addicted to Pinterest. I decided to go with a mix of white, glass, and bamboo for my kitchen items. I want the kitchen to have a natural feel to it with small pops of color (our cobalt blue tea kettle, red dutch oven, and multicolored wine glasses). 
The inspiration for my selections:

And here are some of my favorite items! It makes me excited just posting this!

Lenox Tuscany Harvest Balloon Wine Glasses (

Mikasa Cheers 54-Ounce Round Pitcher (Bed, Bath & Beyond)

Round Rattan charger set (
Martha Stewart Whiteware cake stands (Macys)

I can't wait to start decorating our kitchen with these fabulous items! And I'm pretty sure they'll actually make me WANT to cook! Frank will enjoy that part of registering more than the shopping part I'm sure.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today I'm not feeling so great. You know when you're not quite sick, but not quite well either? You definitely don't have a fever, but you feel all out of sorts? Well, that's me today. But, I was flipping through pinterest today and saw this photo.

I think it's just a really nice reminder that in life, we sometimes stress ourselves out over some of the smallest and most insignificant things instead of remembering what is truly important and worth being passionate about. I think I do this often and this picture was not only a nice reminder, but just the serenity of the image itself was calming. I hope you remember the important things today and take just a few moments to breathe deep, reflect, and appreciate the simple things.