Friday, December 24, 2010

The ZimVision Team Introduction

Hey, so Bud & Mandy Jackson (1 set of missionaries we will be working with in Zimbabwe) are excited for our arrival in T- 2 weeks!! They have posted an entry in their blog with little blurbs about each of the 10 members of our team. Check it out!

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!!

After Christmas begins the grueling packing for the trip. I will fill you in on a couple smaller details when that time comes (including details on my obnoxious Typhoid & Malaria medications).

Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy the holidays :)


Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Article about Zimbabwe

Found this article in World can't read the whole thing online, but it's a GREAT article.

T -3 weeks!!! I can't even believe it. This week I will start packing!


Sunday, December 12, 2010


So I suppose it's necessary to post some pictures from my absolutely wonderful engagement on Thursday December 9th. It was the most wonderful day!! I am still getting over the shock of it.

Frank took me to NYC to see the Nutcracker ballet for my birthday (which was monday). But, first we went ice skating in Central Park. It was soooo cold! My toes were numb and my fingers were like ice, but we walked through central park because he told me we had to to get to the theater. We walked for a while and I started asking questions like, "when can we get warm?", "where are we going?", "why are we going this way?" and he responded, "it's the scenic route". Being one of those people who gets extremely grumpy in the cold, I was internally wondering why in the world he'd want to take a scenic route in 20 degree weather in the wind!! Finally we got to a quaint little nook off the trail with a cute wooden bench and a tiny trickling water fall. There, he got on his knee and asked me to marry him. All I remember saying was "omg omgomg omg" over and over again and crying like crazy. I was so completely surprised and had no idea how to react except with excitement.
The night continued with lots of phone calls, warm coffee (finally!) and a beautiful ballet at the David Koch theater. It was absolutely perfect. Here are some pictures...

xo Britt