Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wedding Inspiration

Don't you love Saturdays that allow you to just relax?? I love them. I used to think that I fed off of being busy. And to a certain extent, that may be true. I am a huge procrastinator. So, if I have a paper to write for school, or a project to accomplish and I have too much time to complete it--I will wait until it is crunch time to begin it. In high school and even in college, I was able to feed off of that last-minute adrenaline rush and get things accomplished quick and also well. However, I am noticing this is becoming less and less true of me. The last time I waited until the last minute to write a paper (okay, okay it was last weekend) I pretty much had an anxiety attack trying to complete it before bedtime (maybe it's more stressful because my bedtime is now 3 hours earlier than it was in college?). 
Anyway, this Saturday was lovely. I cannot remember the last time I had little to nothing actually planned. So, what did I do? Whatever I felt like doing. Whenever I felt like doing it. Basically. 

Woke up around 8:30. 
Ate breakfast (my Dad's famous scrambled eggs on wheat toast). 
Spent some time on Pinterest and Etsy looking for headpieces, flower ideas and cake ideas for the wedding.
Went with my Mom to the post-office to mail out, YES FINALLY!, the invitations. 
Then, we went to a few antique shops/thrift stores to look for a large frame to use for our place cards.

This is my inspiration for that: 

(all from Pinterest)

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

We didn't end up finding anything remotely close to the size that we need for it. I think our next stop will be my favorite places: the Christmas Tree Shop, Marshalls, and HomeGoods. 
After that, came home to eat some lunchy. yum.
Went on Pinterest again....
Then went to the gym with my sister. She's home for the weekend and totally kicked my butt today!! 

Now, guessed it. Back on Pinterest :) 

I figured I share some of my wedding inspirations while I'm wasting my time some more.

Colors. Navy, Grey & Yellow (with hints of green)

The girls are wearing navy dresses (with nude shoes) and the guys are wearing grey tuxes with navy accessories. 

The girls will have yellow bouquets with hints of green and I will have a white bouquet with hints of green. 

And I want blue shoes!!

That's all for now. I really need to start working on figuring out what in the world to do with my hair...but that can be for another post. 

What did you do on your Saturday? I hope you took some time to relax :) Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More than a Movement...

Hey everyone. I'm sure you've noticed the KONY2012 videos and comments all over facebook/twitter/etc. Have you watched the video yet?
And if you haven't seen it or anything like it...Here it is.

Since 2003 and organization started by a few post-college students began due to a vacation that turned into a moving life-changing documentary about the brutality of the crimes against humanity that have been occuring in Uganda, Africa for 26 years. They have been since broadening their reach, working to make political changes, and changes in Uganda.

Now, they need our help. If you have 20 minutes today. Please do me a favor. Do Uganda a favor. And do the world a favor. Watch this video.

This issue is about Uganda, but it's about MORE than that. It's about how the world is changing and how the way we can go about changing who makes decisions about the way humanity is treated is changing too.

Watch this video. And then, show it to a friend. And then, ask your friend to show it to a friend. And then, do something about it.

Go here:   for more info.