Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Apples, Elephants, and plenty of Kicks

Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe we are already starting a new year--2013 is in the past and 2014 is in full swing. I thought today would be a perfect time to take the opportunity to update you all on the pregnancy since I clearly failed to do so during the last...well, almost 6 months of it! Yikes! I had all intentions of giving you all monthly updates on the progress, but due to complete exhaustion and the craziness of moving in late November, frequent posts were not exactly the priority. I figured I'd go back and try to remember month by month to bring us up to speed, because I anticipate some posts in the very near future on how Baby D's nursery is coming along. 


We found out. July 15th at 4am when I couldn't sleep and was tossing and turning all night. When I took the test and it came up positive I couldn't believe my eyes and was totally convinced that I was still sleeping. So I took another. Yep. Still positive. That morning was such a crazy, exciting, terrifying, but thrilling time for Frank and I. Our life changed in an instant. And I couldn't be happier that it did. 

Symptoms: Complete and utter exhaustion. No nausea, thank goodness! But I was so tired I feel like I slept through the rest of July and the entire month of August. I just remember feeling so excited about the baby and days later hitting this brick wall of just needing sleep so badly I'd take 3 hour naps BEFORE dinner. I felt terrible for Frank because I seriously don't remember making a decent dinner once. We ate frozen chicken tenders, steamed veggies and sweet potato fries every other night and pasta or pizza the other nights. For a month and a half. 

Cravings: None. I hated food. I had no appetite at all and severe aversions to all fish, hummus, meat (except if it was frozen chicken that was breaded or covered in buffalo sauce) and pretty much all vegetables. I couldn't stand the smell of my favorite veggies and couldn't even be in the kitchen when Frank made meals. Gross. But at least I wasn't vomiting.

Baby: Before I even found out that we were pregnant I felt like I was gaining some weight, and my pants became pretty snug by the end of August, but I think I was the only one who noticed my little itty bitty bump. At 8 weeks we had our first OB appointment and got to see teeny tiny Baby D for the first time. 


This month was full of sleeping as well, but it started to taper off towards the end. I had a chance to go apple picking the end of the month exactly during the week Baby D was the size of an apple! I won't pretend I didn't plan that...This month was exciting since I was starting to show a bit and we felt ready to tell all family and friends by week 12. 


Still exhausted--to the point where I stopped doing my hair altogether. Still sleeping excessively. Still having severe aversions, but no vomiting (again, thank goodness). 


Apples. All day. Everyday. The apples we picked end of September? Gone in a week. I probably ate 90% of them. 

Baby: Still a pretty tiny bump there, but the bump was growing pretty quickly. By the end of September it was noticeable to most people who knew me well. I was still squeezing into my pre-pregnancy clothes (with the help of a bella band) and wearing heels. I can't even imagine doing that now. 


This was an exciting month. I became noticeably pregnant. We got to see Baby D more clearly and learned that we were expecting a BOY on October 31st. 

Symptoms: Not much of anything. Aversions still lingered, but I was able to eat chicken sometimes and vegetables again. Still not eating much fish and eating chicken really depended on the day. 

Cravings: Still apples. And cookies--particularly those with chocolate like Oreos or chocolate chip cookies. 

Baby: In October, Baby D went from the size of an onion to the length of a banana! This month was a total growth spurt and my clothes no longer fit by midway through the month. This is when I started shopping for tank tops two sizes bigger and needed to purchase a pair of maternity pants. I was still fitting in certain things such as shirts and sweaters and my stretchier pants. 


This month went super quickly since we were packing and in the process of moving and then unpacking the entire month. However, throughout the hustle and bustle Baby D was growing very very quickly. I always heard from others that usually women have a moment when they "pop"! Yep, that was early this month. 

Symptoms: It became a bit more difficult to sleep this month and definitely more challenging to move around. The heels were gone quickly and I was needing to go full into my maternity clothes. Shirts especially became tighter, shorter, and it was challenging to choose interesting outfits to wear when nothing fit me anymore. 

Cravings: Sweet tooth! Anything chocolate and still apples. I also became EXTREMELY thirsty and would need to fill up my nalgene water bottle at least twice a day at work. 

Baby: Went from the length of a banana in October to the size of a cantalope by the last week of November. Woah baby! We also had the opportunity to see Baby D again the last week of November. He certainly finds his adorable little toes interesting as he seems to always be in the same position holding his toes over his head. 


Another whirlwind of a month with prepping for Christmas, decorating and unpacking in our new condo. Baby D continued to grow quickly and I continued to grow out of clothes. It was also exciting this month to get to see lots of family--we even got some Christmas gifts from family for Baby D already! (he is going to be so spoiled...I can tell already!) We also started to prep the nursery. Frank painted it and we assembled his crib. (By we I mean I totally supervised and handed Frank the tools). We decided on a theme of elephants and I've totally run with that theme down to the clothes I picked out for him. I also completed our registry and keep on neurotically checking it to make sure I didn't forget some essential item as if I couldn't just run out and purchase it myself if I did. Oh, did I mention the hormones? Yeah...those have started to rear their ugly face this month. Frank has said I've been pretty level headed so far...maybe that will change soon. I've also started to nest. Like crazy. 

Symptoms: Sleep is a challenge. Clothes don't fit. Feet are constantly sore. And back pain has arrived. Yuck. 

Cravings: I don't know if this is a craving or just complete lack of self discipline, but I've eaten a ton of Christmas cookies. And fudge. And hot chocolate. Notice a theme here? Yummy chocolate. 

Baby: Baby D is getting pretty big! By this week at 29 weeks he is the size of a butternut squash! No wonder my ribs feel all crowded in there. He's been kicking much stronger in the past week and wiggling around like a little worm. We are getting so excited to meet him! 

If you're still with me--congrats! This was definitely a marathon post that's for sure. But now I feel refreshed and ready to keep you up to date in the next couple of months as we move into full speed Baby D prep. On the agenda in the near future: DIY mobile, DIY yarn wrapped letters, early stages of prepping the nursery, and possibly some organizing of his itty bitty clothes towards the end of the month. 

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to spending time with all of you via posts in the coming months! If you are new to La Vita DiBella--welcome! And I promise not all my posts are this long and I hope you'll stop by again soon. 

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