Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Changes to my recently posted "interesting facts about Zimbabwe"

So, I was recently informed that some of the interesting "facts" I was taught in my meeting with those people who are going to Zimbabwe with me were not entirely true!! (hah...good to know)

My friend, who actually lived in Zimbabwe for several years informed me of that truth :) So I will correct myself!

1. In Zimbabwe there are 3 widely spoken languages: English, shona and ndebele. (Swahili is actually not that widely spoken. Perhaps only in certain areas.)
2. He said he has never had to iron his clothing to protect against these "deadly flies" I was told about. So, I should not have said that all of Zimbabweans do this. Perhaps these flies only reside in the specific area I will be going. I was told, however, that the man who runs the facility we will be staying at will insist that we iron our clothes for that reason. I really think I should do more research about this mysterious type of fly.

So anyway! I hope this clears things up! Thanks to my friend who corrected me :) And if I find out more about the flies I will certainly update on that whole situation.

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