Friday, February 15, 2013

A Bunch of Burlap

So, I picked up something special for a project I'll be working on this weekend.  I couldn't wait to show you all! 

Did you all know that they make printed burlap now!? I didn't. I went to Jo-Ann's Fabric yesterday afternoon and found this gem. I couldn't believe how pretty this burlap is! 

Can you guess what I'll be using it for?

On another note, I hope everyone's Valentine's Day was wonderful, however you decided to celebrate (or not celebrate) it. Frank and I decided to keep it very low key and just had a simple candlelit dinner and some champagne that we never drank on New Year's Eve...since we both fell asleep before midnight! 
I can almost hear you all judging us right now... 

What did you do to celebrate? 

Look out for my post this weekend on my burlap project! I am so curious to hear what you think I'll use it for. 
Hint: I've mentioned it as a project I was going to attempt at some point...

Happy Friday everyone! 

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