Friday, February 24, 2012

Slight Pinterest Obsession

I might be slightly obsessed with pinterest. Okay, alittle more than slightly...okay ALOT. The thing is, it's just a really good way to brainstorm ideas, or just steal other peoples'! Honestly though, it's great for motivation. The 3 biggest things I've researched on pinterest lately? Fitness tips/motivation, recipes, and home decor inspiration. My goal? To actually use the tips, motivation, and inspiration to DO something instead of just saying to myself, "oh wow I should do that!" I thought I'd start by choosing 3 things to try this week. Go to this blog for the recipe!

This is totally easy enough to do even on a busy day!

I am going to pick one of these for a lunch this week...maybe I'll even do a post on it!

What are your goals for this coming week?

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