Friday, February 24, 2012


When we got engaged over a year ago I remember telling Frank how excited I was to register. I mean, come on! What's more exciting than picking out things that other people will buy for you!? Well, let me tell is MUCH more stressful than you'd think. Frank and I started registering back in September...I just recently finished. And trust me, I've changed things, added things, deleted things, and had to replace a few things that went out of stock (frustrating!) throughout the entire 6 months! 
I have to admit, my mom has been a huge help, although a bit of an over-achiever at times. She's been lately emailing me suggestions that start out as, "I was looking at your registry..." and end with a list of things she thinks I should add, change, or get from a different store for a better deal. Annoying? Sometimes...especially at 9:30 when I'm just getting home from an 8-hour work day on top of 3 hours of class. But mostly, she's been super helpful. 
Aside from all the stress that surrounds choosing every item I may or may not need for our future household, it is honestly turning me into one of those people obsessed with decorating their home. I kid you not. Registering is what got me addicted to Pinterest. I decided to go with a mix of white, glass, and bamboo for my kitchen items. I want the kitchen to have a natural feel to it with small pops of color (our cobalt blue tea kettle, red dutch oven, and multicolored wine glasses). 
The inspiration for my selections:

And here are some of my favorite items! It makes me excited just posting this!

Lenox Tuscany Harvest Balloon Wine Glasses (

Mikasa Cheers 54-Ounce Round Pitcher (Bed, Bath & Beyond)

Round Rattan charger set (
Martha Stewart Whiteware cake stands (Macys)

I can't wait to start decorating our kitchen with these fabulous items! And I'm pretty sure they'll actually make me WANT to cook! Frank will enjoy that part of registering more than the shopping part I'm sure.

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