Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Wish List

I feel sort of guilty posting a wish list the day after Christmas, but this one kind of goes with the idea of New Year's resolutions. Since we moved into the apartment Frank has completed 2 furniture make-overs, we made a make-shift entertainment center by putting two large white bookshelves around our TV, and we got a really handy kitchen prep-station to help with our very little counter space. Some of our resolutions are to continue to make our apartment more cozy by decorating, organizing and adding little personal touches.

Here are some things I am wishing for to help us make our apartment more cozy!

1. Wine rack/wine glass rack
For our wedding Frank and I got the most gorgeous wine glasses. I absolutely love them! But...they don't fit in our cabinets. It's really quite depressing. For now I have them displayed on our server, but I've seen pictures of racks that hold glasses upside down which I love! Frank is determined to make a wine rack...but these look perfect to me.

2. Our desk area needs some serious help. We have it tucked in the back of our living room area, but we are really struggling with having enough storage space for all of our filing and paperwork. We got a nice filing cabinet from Ikea a while back which we use to put our printer on...but I would really love some shelving and some kind of corkboard to get a bit more organized. It would be even better if we could move the desk closer to the entryway so it could double as a "drop zone/ command center".

3. We have a walk-in closet in our bedroom, and a great sized linen closet next to our washer/dryer in the bathroom, but both need some serious organization help. Now that I'm thinking about it, so does our coat closet! I would love to have some closet organizers and wire storage baskets to make it look put together and so that we are not running all over in the morning rummaging through piles of things to find our favorite scarf or a belt that matches.

4. If you didn't notice in the Christmas Post, we don't have any curtains up. It's great for the amount of light that comes in, but it would look so much more put together if we had curtains. Unfortunately curtains cost a fortune. So, I found some ideas on Pinterest on how to use table clothes or shower curtains which are generally cheaper to make curtains. Maybe I'll be able to find a good deal on some pretty shower curtains and make something that looks like this for our bedroom & living room.

5. This is silly, but I really want a basket like this to put beside our couch to hold cozy throw blankets. And maybe the super comfy heated blanket Frank bought me for Christmas :)

I hope in the coming months we can slowly work on making our home more homey. I guess I should jot this down on my 2013 resolution list...

Happy Wednesday!

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