Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: Office Space Ideas

First of all...Yes, I am aware it's not Wednesday. It's Thursday. But this was an entry I began on Wednesday...and due to the fact that I've once again started grad school classes (and for the last time yippee!!) I was delayed in finishing. Please forgive me! 

Second of all, let's just be honest, our desk area/office is pretty sad looking.

We recently went through and began to organize as much as we could (mostly shredding and tossing a huge bulk of the papers we had been holding on to). We also purchased that drawer organizer as well as the cork board. However, I'm still extremely unhappy with how unfinished, matchy-matchy, and just completely boring this space is. And since next week I will be working on organizing the office further for the Home Organization 101 week #4 challenge, I thought for this week's Wednesday Wish List I would show you all some of my ideas and dreams for our office space that I've found on Pinterest and around the W.W.W.

1. First, I absolutely love the look of white and greens. After we took down all of our Christmas greens the apartment felt so much less colorful. There's something about the color green that is calming--perfect for an office space. I'd love to incorporate the color green as well as actually have some sort of plant on or around our desk area. 

Home Office Design Ideas Pottery Barn 8 Photograph 01
Pottery Barn

2. Again, the plant, though small, definitely brings life to the area. I also love the fun lamp and comfy chair. This blog, 20 Minute Mom, is definitely worth a read, by the way. Click on the picture caption to view this genius desk organization!

20 Minute Mom Blog

3. Our cork boards are functional, but need some major help. I love this idea of painting a chevron design with white paint to bring the board to life. I also love the chair. I am curious to find a way to maybe add a fabric padded seat or seat cover to our boring chair to bring in some color and add comfort. 

Pinned Image

4. I absolutely LOVE this desk space. The use of shutters instead of a cork board is genius! I also love the fab color combination and filing box. 

Pinned Image
5. In this picture, I love the creative storage solutions on the wall. Since I don't have much space around the desk, we need to capitalize on the space to the left and in the sliver of space between the corner of the wall and the beginning of the window. The short white shelving would be perfect to hold filing boxes, decorate with pictures, hold a plant, and a way to de-clutter the top of the desk for more desk space.
I also love the mix of white, black and natural tones. That's the look I am going for in our living room (where our little office corner is located). 

6. I also absolutely love the idea of switching out the boring matching chair with a cozy, comfy chair like this one to bring in some subtle color and to make the space more inviting. 

              7.  Although, purchasing additional furniture can be costly, so maybe for now I can figure out a
    way to paint the chair to make it more interesting in addition to my cushion idea above. Perhaps a color?

Like one of these?

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

or these?

8. And last, I'd LOVE to replace that ugly black lamp. It doesn't match any of our decor and it would be fun to bring in a bit of color or at least a different texture to the space. I love these lamps.

Solid Shade Stick Lamp Intense Jade

Gourd Shaped Lamp with Shade - Green/White

Anyway, I have my work cut out for me in the office area of our living room.

My goals are:

1. some type of shelving
2. New lamp
3. Jazz up the cork boards
4. Re-do chair to add color or new texture

What would you do to our mini-office "nook"?
Have you had to get creative with a small corner of your home?

Happy Wednesday!



Clayton Steadham said...

I agree your space really deserves a make-over! Appearance has a huge impact on a person’s mood; therefore, it should always remain in an upbeat setting. Green is a great choice for it always represents balance and sense of order, which is very important in working. Anyway, how’s your office space so far? It really has a lot of work to do, but you have a good taste, I’m sure your office will come up beautifully.

Clayton Steadham

Tammie Teeter said...

Your office space idea is remarkable. The tranquility theme is so peaceful! You’ll be able to fully concentrate on what you’re doing with a workstation like that. I love all your pictures! They are all fantastic!

Brittany Helen said...

Thank you for your comment! I'm so glad you stopped by. We have actually started working on our office space, but it still has some work to go. You can check out our DIY bulletin board here:

I will be sure to post an update soon! Thanks for stopping by!


Brittany Helen said...

Thank you Tammie!
We definitely have a lot of work ahead of us for this space, but it is coming together nicely. We started with adding more appealing bulletin space and a shelf, calendar and pictures. It's still a work in progress and I'll be sure to keep updating on our progress soon!

Thanks for stopping by!