Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Almost Spring!

Happy Monday everyone! Well…I guess happy what’s left of Monday everyone…I’m not complaining that Monday is almost finished!

I hope you all had fabulous weekends! Frank and I had a very full weekend! Our weekend was full of crafts, family, visits with friends, and Frank’s hockey game for the league he’s playing for. He won big time which was very exciting! One thing I totally enjoyed about staying at my parents’ house was NOT doing laundry, dishes, or cleaning! It was entirely relaxing.

I was excited when it was time to come home, though. There’s something about coming home to your very own bed. And…I could NOT wait to hang up the bulletin board I made! If you missed my post about the burlap bulletin board I did this weekend, you can see that {here}. Frank was actually the one who volunteered to hang it up as soon as we got home…at 10pm mind you…I knew right then that I married the right man! (Just kidding...but not really) I can’t wait to show you how it looks, but I’m making you all wait for the final reveal of our re-decorated office space. I promise I’ll hurry it up!

Anyway, is anyone else done with Winter? I am. Can we start to count down the days to Spring yet? In the interest of looking forward to less ice, warmer weather, greener grass, and new decorations…I thought I’d share some of my brainstorms for Spring inspired decorating ideas and projects. Enjoy!

I just love the greens and yellows of fresh Spring flowers, don't you?

In an apartment, I don't have access to fresh flowers all the time, so one way to decorate with green is to use very easy to take care of succulents. I've seen them at Walmart for only $3.50!

I'm usually not one to use the typical Spring decor like eggs and bunnies, but I love the idea of using an old-looking watering can as a vase that works either indoors or outdoors.

A trend I've been noticing on other decorating blogs and in decorating magazines is the combination of the recent obsession-worthy monograms with moss-- another way to use green!

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

And some inspiration for a wreath I'm making in the very near future...Some greens or flowers, easy to switch out with the changing of seasons, and a monogram. Simple but fresh and inviting. 

What have you been brainstorming for Spring?

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