Friday, November 23, 2012

Coffee Table Makeover

So for the past 3 months or so life has become incredibly busy. Frank got a new job, I started my last Fall semester of grad school, and we moved! That's right, the family sold the house we were living in which allowed us to get our own place. This is exciting for us because we are now able to decorate and really feel stable and at home. I foresee many projects ahead of us! Luckily my husband enjoys helping me with projects, especially furniture makeovers.

So for my first post in a very long time, let me introduce you to the coffee table we found in my grandmother's barn over the summer.

Frank and I scored this coffee table when our family was going through old furniture in my grandmother's barn. Nobody else wanted it and Frank and I noticed that it has a great shape despite that absolutely ugly dark brown finish. We decided to take it and attempt to sand off that brown and paint it instead. 

We used an electric hand sander to sand off the caked on brown finish. We were surprised when we revealed gorgeous wood underneath! This changed our plans. We decided we wanted to keep the wood exposed. 

Once we had everything sanded down good, we picked up a satin stain in Golden Oak from Lowe's. The can called for 2 coats of the stain, but it was pretty dark so we decided to just do one coat. We wanted the wood to be ask close to its natural color as possible, but the stain gave it some depth and warmth.

After we stained the top of the table, we painted the legs and the sides of the top of the table a warm creamy white color also from Lowe's. And, this is what it looks like now (excuse the mess around the table...we haven't finished unpacking yet). 

If you have a decent amount of patience (mostly for the sanding) and a few bucks, you can refinish any ugly piece of furniture and transform it into something you love! This project cost under $40 with the stain, primer, paint, brushes, and sand paper included. Luckily we had a Lowe's gift card so it was no cost to us! 

Have you done any makeovers lately? 

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