Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm Back...

Well hello everyone! I am so, so happy to be back and a part of blog-world again! And if you haven't already noticed, I worked on some changes over here with the layout and some updates. I will be continuing to update my pages and will let you know as soon as I do!

For now...I suppose I should show you a little of what we've been working on while I've been on "Spring Break" {catch up here}.

For one, I've been studying hard to finish school--the biggest reason I took a break this past month. I officially have 1 more week of classes and 2 more assignments before I am completely 100% done! here's a bit of what we've been up to...

1. We cleaned out our porch area that mainly stored Frank's hockey equipment, our bikes and dirty shoes and boots (ew, I know).

First, we had to empty the porch of all of our crap valuables.

We picked up this great outdoor storage cabinet from Lowe's with a gift card we had to store all of Frank's hockey equipment and tool boxes. Unfortunately Frank's hockey stuff takes up a TON of space so we needed to use that blue bin for additional storage until we think of a better solution.

Frank installed a hook into the ceiling of our porch to hang his bike...and then we attempted to fit everything back onto the porch (for now). It's clearly still a work in progress, but at least we're starting to get things put someplace.

The plan is to find a better place for the bikes & get a shoe rack for work shoes and boots. Then, we plan to make a small sitting area so we can enjoy our backyard view.

2. We painted our bedroom! It was sort of an impulsive project (on a weekend I had a paper due...) and I'm so glad we did it! (please excuse the horrible iphone pictures...)

Here's a sneak peek...I'll be sharing the room reveal in a future post.

3. We got curtains! We got these great curtains from Ikea. One set for our living room and one for our bedroom. I purposely chose neutral colors since I am planning on a DIY project involving both sets of curtains in the near future.

LENDA Curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair IKEA The curtains let the daylight through but reduce direct sunlight. Tab heading works on curtain rods.
You can find these at Ikea
We are so excited to start working on a whole list of projects around our apartment, especially now that it's so nice out {read...perfect DIY and yard-sale season}.

I hope you have had a wonderful Spring. What projects have you been working on lately?

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