Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Carnival Fun

We're never too old to have fun at a carnival! Frank and I went with some friends to a carnival in the next county over and had such a good time! Most of the rides were super retro.

We went on a few rides, but my favorite was the classic Fun Slide! When I was very young there used to be a carnival down the street from us every summer. My dad and I would always go on the slide together. Brought back lots of memories--so I had to go on it again!

I have to admit that once I climbed to the top it was much higher than it looked from the ground! But it was so much fun! So much fun that I convinced Frank and our friends to take a ride on the slide too!

It was a gorgeous day and so much fun just walking around with our friends and laughing at the old rides. 

And the best part...they had the most delicious dessert I've ever seen in my life--like, really life-changing.

Fried Dough with an Ice Cream Sundae on top...

It was so yummy! All four of us grabbed forks and spoons and dug into it. The carnival was worth it even just for that! It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with a couple of great friends. 

Question of the Day: Do you have carnivals close to where you live? What's your favorite carnival ride or food?

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