Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday Wish List: Entryway Dreaming

Happy hump day everyone! I feel like this week is going by extra slow, but I think that's because the last two weeks I only worked a total of 2 1/2 days! It was such a wonderful break, but now that I'm in the midst of an actual normal 5 day work week the transition is proving to be a bit brutal.

This week I've been finding myself day dreaming about all the projects swimming around in my head for our new condo. Decorating and creating a cozy home is definitely a process and requires layers of work and time. Sometimes I wish it didn't take time and I could just imagine the perfect space and poof! it would appear. But then I'd have nothing to do with my there's that.

Today I want to share some ideas that I have for our entryway. We have a very small entry way that opens immediately into our kitchen. There is not room for a table or hutch of any sort and unfortunately the coat rack that we love (a wedding gift from my cousin) couldn't go where I wanted it. Our fuse box is right on the wall next to where I wanted it and the screws kept on hitting the box making it impossible to hang properly. We ended up having to put the coat rack behind the door which leaves us an empty wall that people see when they open the door.

We also started to create a drop station on what was once a breakfast bar. We opted out of the breakfast bar in order to utilize the under-the-cabinet space for extra storage. But, the area of the cabinet closest to the door is a perfect place for a tiny drop station. We hung the bulletin board I made by the door to display invitations, reminders and important mail (and of course pictures of Baby D), but we have a long way to go with the space to make it more inviting and more functional.

Here are some ideas I've been brainstorming:

1. First of all, we need a better place to store wet, snowy, or muddy shoes when we first enter. Right now we have them on a door mat, but it doesn't prevent the floor from getting dirty since we don't have the door mat where it should be when you take your first step inside.

Here's what I'm thinking.

A better doormat--something like this simple, but inviting rug from Ikea.
HESSUM Door mat - IKEA - $13.99 Fun chevron-ish mat.
Then, we need a place for us and our guests to store shoes. Either a shoe rack, or this genius DIY drip dry tray by Dollar Store Crafts.

outdoor shoe rack

Drip dry without the mess... do this for rain/snow season or really anytime. Just a good place for dirty shoes!

2. In order to keep things organized by our drop station, I'm thinking some hooks underneath our bulletin board for keys would be both functional and prevent those mornings when I'm late and searching for my keys. It's also super cute!

I'm thinking a piece of reclaimed wood (or faux reclaimed wood) or even a piece of driftwood with pretty hooks like this one made with hooks from Hobby Lobby. 

DIY towel holder - 1/2 priced Hobby Lobby hooks, reclaimed wood, left over paint and stain.

Or even just a row of simple hooks like these:

Hobby Lobby hooks for bathroom towels! Less than $5 each!

3. The entryway need some character. I'm brainstorming some quick decorations and DIY projects that might help to make that small space feel a bit like a separate area but also welcoming to our guests. 

I love baskets. They can totally work for any season. I also would love a bench, but I'm not sure if one would fit in our entryway unless it was very, very narrow. 

Big basket

I also need to find a way to make that big blank wall less blank. I'd love to fill it with a black and white gallery wall full of family photos mixed with some geometric art. Or a nice big rustic welcome sign with a few frames with photos underneath it or even a few wood boards to hang photos or artwork casually.

 Check out these great inspirational examples. All of these things could be hung with 3M strips solving our fuse box issue. 
black and white gallery wall - Joyce MacFarlane Interiors
Rustic barn wood mason jar candle holders.
rustic fence with WELCOME
DIY Wood & Wire Art display-

I know I have plenty of work to do, but with a few DIY projects and some creativity I think I can totally make our entryway work. I'm excited to get started one project at a time. I'll definitely keep you updated along the way. 

I'd love to know how you've made your entryway a  functional and welcoming space at your home! Please share in the comments--I'd love to hear from you!

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