Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Porch Update

Good morning everyone! I have been so excited to share a recent update to our porch! Over the weekend my parents came over for Mother's Day and surprised Frank and I with an early anniversary gift--my Mom was too excited to wait until June--a perfect example of why my Mother is the best.

She knew we've been wanting to update our porch to make it a cozy sitting area to enjoy the nice weather, so she and my dad got us a gorgeous cafe table to go with our chairs! We also added white Christmas lights on our railing to give us some light when we sit outside at night.



We still want to find a way to bring some flowers out there, perhaps hanging plants, and colorful pillows for the chairs. But, it's quite an improvement, no? 

Do you have a porch or an outdoor space? What do you do to make it feel cozy?

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