Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 Make-over Brainstorm

Confession: I love lists. I'm that person that will write a list just to check things off. If I did something I forgot to add to the list I'll write it at the bottom just so I can cross it off. For some reason looking at a list with lots of things checked off is so satisfying. I know I'm not the only person who does this. Admit it. You love lists too.

Lately I've been making all sorts of mental lists of all the things I want to accomplish in our new condo. I've made boards on my Pinterest page full of DIY projects I want to tackle and decor inspiration for each room of our home. Finally I decided it was time to make a real list. This past weekend I took the time to go through each room of our home and jot down things that needed changing, ideas I have brainstormed over the past few months, and projects waiting to be accomplished. I decided to type up the list so that it will hopefully keep me focused, motivated, and besides, looking at all the things crossed off at the end of the year is going to be oh-so-satisfying. You with me? 

I decided to share my list with you here complete with a couple of inspiration photos. I think sharing it openly will not only hold me accountable to the list, but I hope it will also serve as an extra kick in the butt to get myself motivated to cross things off that list! Since the baby is expected to arrive any minute now, I won't promise anything in particular like completing one item a week since that will most likely be impossible until I get rest and heal and get the little one into somewhat of a routine. But, I will say, I plan to start to use my time more wisely. I think it will be a much needed skill with an infant. This means, nap time is going to be precious. 

I guess I should head to the local craft store and home improvement store to stock up on a few supplies to last me a few projects just so I have the needed items on hand to make the best of any down time I do find between naps, feedings, and general chaos of learning to be a parent. 

So bear with me through the coming weeks and months, but here is our 2014 home improvement bucket list if you will:

1.    Entryway

Make your enter way shelfs with wooden crates. Easy and cheap!

·         Hooks for keys
·         phone charging station
·         DIY extra pegboard for entry wall
·         Wall art
·         Shoe rack
·         Large rug

2.    Kitchen

Kitchen cupboard

·         Clock
·         Wooden sign for above doorway to dining room
·         Organize under counter cabinet
·         Organize Evan’s eating supplies
·         Organize recipes
·         Wall art 
·         Spice rack
·         Decorate white canisters
·         Recycling bin solution

3.    Dining room

Kitchen Shelf D├ęcor. White, Black, Rustic, Shabby Chic, Swedish decor Idea. ***Pinned by oldattic ***.

·         Indoor herb garden
·         Install open shelving above hutch
·         Wine Rack
·         Rug
·         Re-paint table and chairs

4.    Porch

Party Globe Light String

·         Window boxes for herb garden
·         String lights on balcony
·         Outdoor rug
·         DIY wind chime

5.    Living Room

benjamin moore copely gray

·         New pillows or pillow covers
·         Clock
·         Mantel or shelf above fireplace
·         Small table for between reading chairs
·         Bench by staircase
·         Dress up bookcases
·         Replace blinds with curtains and pull-backs
·         Add wall art behind the couch and on fireplace wall

6.    Half Bathroom

flowers for the bathroom. shabby chic mason jar

·         Replace existing towel racks 
·         Ask permission to take down wallpaper and re-paint
·         Shelving for above the toilet

7.    Stairway
·         Map/wall art

8.    Full Bathroom

DIY Rustic Bathroom Shelves! Easy and inexpensive. via designdininganddiapers.com

·         Repaint pegboard
·         Wall art
·         Install shelf above toilet

9.    Office Area

·         Scrapbook supply organization system
·         Paint filing cabinet
·         Shelving for craft supplies
·        Inspiration/memo board for above desk
·         Repaint desk and chair
·         Organize desk
·         Organize home binders

10. Baby’s Room
·         Add wall art
·         White shelf 
·         DIY trashcan

11. Bedroom

love this headboard

·         Wall Art above bed
·         Repaint dresser
·         Repaint night stands
·         Under-the-bed storage solution
·         Mirror for above dresser
·         Makeover headboard

12. Garage

garage storage cart plan

·         Organize sports gear
·         Create tool area
·         DIY project station
·         Organize gardening supplies

13. Laundry Room
·         Clean and organize

14. Front Door

Zinc & Sedum

·         New door mat
·         Basket/potted flowers

Do you have a list like this for your home projects? What's one home project you have been wanting to do, but have not yet tackled? I dare you to do it!

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