Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY Elephant Mobile

I am so excited about today's post! This project has been my favorite thing I have worked on for the baby's nursery so far--it just took me way too long to finally hang it up in his room and get the post on the blog!

To make your own mobile you'll need the following:

1. First I found the design for the elephant I wanted to create. I drew out my elephant on some scrap paper in the size that I wanted them and traced them onto my grey felt pieces. You'll need to make a front and a back so double up on the number of elephants you want to create (or any other animal you choose). I also chose to do a separate piece for the ears so that they would look a bit more 3D.

2. Then, I made my pom-poms. There are many tutorials online on how to make these. Just wrap your yarn around 2-4 fingers (depending on how large you want your poms to be). Then, carefully slip the wrapped yarn off  your fingers being sure to keep its shape. Use a small piece of yarn (of the same color) to tie around the middle and knot a few times. Then, just snip the ends. Voila! A yarn pom-pom. You can trim around the edges to make sure that the ends are even. I made mine in varying colors and sizes.

3. Then, I stitched my elephants together and gave them eyes with the tan yarn. You can choose to put a bit of stuffing in your animals too if you want them to look more plump. Then, glue any other pieces you need onto the elephants. I chose to glue the ears on.

4. Once your animals and pom-poms are complete, it's time to string everything together! You'll need a large sewing needle for this part. First, tie your yarn around one of the pom-poms and knot it tightly at the bottom to start, then string the yarn through the remaining  pom-poms and elephant in whatever order you wish.

5. Once your strands are completed, tie them tightly onto your embroidery hoop. I chose to wrap my hoop in yarn as well to match my yarn pom-poms.

6. To hang, purchase a ceiling hook and tie yarn from the top of the hoop to hang from the hook. Make sure the ends are all even so the hoop hangs horizontally and make sure all parts of the mobile are completely secure so pieces don't fall into the baby's crib.

So that's it! It was super easy and since it was custom made it matches the exact style and feel I was looking for in the nursery and the exact colors I wanted to use. And, I spent less than $25 on this whole project. 

Did you catch the picture of the other addition to the nursery? Come back tomorrow for another complete DIY tutorial on how I used pattern in the nursery...along with links to several other blogger's posts on how they creatively  used pattern in a DIY project of their own.

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Bekah said...

This is ADORABLE! I love it!

Brittany Helen said...

Thank you so much! I loved making it. Thanks for visiting the blog :)