Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More than a Movement...

Hey everyone. I'm sure you've noticed the KONY2012 videos and comments all over facebook/twitter/etc. Have you watched the video yet?
And if you haven't seen it or anything like it...Here it is.

Since 2003 and organization started by a few post-college students began due to a vacation that turned into a moving life-changing documentary about the brutality of the crimes against humanity that have been occuring in Uganda, Africa for 26 years. They have been since broadening their reach, working to make political changes, and changes in Uganda.

Now, they need our help. If you have 20 minutes today. Please do me a favor. Do Uganda a favor. And do the world a favor. Watch this video.

This issue is about Uganda, but it's about MORE than that. It's about how the world is changing and how the way we can go about changing who makes decisions about the way humanity is treated is changing too.

Watch this video. And then, show it to a friend. And then, ask your friend to show it to a friend. And then, do something about it.

Go here:   for more info.


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