Thursday, July 19, 2012

Living your Life

Just wanted to pop in quick to share something I saw on Pinterest that was incredibly inspiring to me.

Lately, as you may have noticed given my lack of posts up until recently, my life has been probably the most hectic that it has ever been. Every time I think that things may slow down a bit, more things pop up.

Especially in our world and culture, it is so easy to get wrapped up in things like graduate school, doing well at work and making a great living that will be sustainable and profitable. It's also easy to get caught up on tasks, hobbies, things we feel we have to do to please others or present ourselves in a certain way to others.

This cute little inspirational quote inspired me to do exactly the opposite. Focus on living life. If we are so busy trying to be perfect we'll most likely forget the journey and most importantly, the people we are on this journey with.

Just some words for thought :)

Happy Thursday!

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