Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little Details

So, remember back when I was planning my wedding? Well, the planning is finally over! Horray!
The wedding went wonderfully and I have to say that after all that planning, things do come together nicely no matter how stressful it is beforehand. It's so hard to imagine all the little details coming together in the end, but they surely did!
The next few posts I am going to share with you a few of the DIY decorations/projects I did for the wedding. I can tell you that nothing I did took too much talent or crafty skills since I neither had the time nor the energy to put in that much effort. Also, I was pretty frugal and saved alot of money shopping with 40% off coupons at Michael's and finding great deals online. Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you if you or someone else you know is needing to plan a wedding or even some other kind of party!

So to begin this series, I am just going to give you a few sneak peaks of what the actual outcome looked like. Then, on a night when I am far less exhausted I will share more details for each project.

My color inspiration was from this picture. Navy dresses for the girls and grey tuxes for the guys.
The dresses I picked for the girls are from Bill Levkoff's line of bridesmaid dresses. They are a navy satin with a sash that ties in the back. The groomsmen are wearing a grey calvin klein suit from Men's Wearhouse.
Photo Courtesy of Kara Loomis Photography

This was my inspiration for the bouquets. I wanted something with lots of texture and bright whites, yellows and greens to brighten up the navy. I hate roses so I wanted more garden-type flowers like ranunculous, green berries, peonies, hydrangea and daisies. I also wanted to give the bouquets a special touch with patterned ribbon like the second photo.
Both photos from:
The bouquets came out exactly how I imagined and now that I look at my inspiration photo--very much like what I originally wanted! Plus the florist put in more peonies than I thought she would since they are expensive. I was pleasantly surprised!!
Photo Courtesy of Kara Loomis Photography

For a special touch, I wanted to rock some colored shoes instead of the usual white.
I went with navy shoes with bows on the heel to match the girls' dresses. I loved them and they were even pretty comfortable!!
Photo Courtesy of Kara Loomis Photography
Photo Courtesy of Kara Loomis Photography

I originally wanted to have the place cards on a large picture frame tacked up with pretty tacks and background fabric that matched our color theme somewhat like this.
Fortunately, my aunt makes wine and offered to make us red and white wine for the favors. Then, we had the idea to hang tags on the bottles as place cards for a kind of "two-for-one" deal. With my aunts expertise and my mom's artistic skills we ended up with beautiful favors that doubled as place cards eliminating the need for my original idea. But I liked the end result much better.
Photo Courtesy of Kara Loomis Photography

That's all for the sneak peak. Stay tuned for actual tips & details on how I did a few of our DIY projects.

If you were married what special touches did you add into your wedding to make it unique? Have you ever been to a wedding where the couple did something really neat that you loved?

Hopefully everyone had a fabulous fourth of july! Even if it was in the middle of the week. Maybe some of your were smarter than me and actually took off some days of work... Happy almost Friday!

** Side note: All of our professional photographs were taken by Kara Loomis Photography. Please visit her site for more of her exceptional work! Kara Loomis Photography **

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