Sunday, February 3, 2013

An Update on the Happenings of the DiBella home

It's February! Can you believe it? I am having trouble thinking about the fact that I've been writing 2013 on documents and school work for a whole month now! I hope that your first month of 2013 was a great start to the new year and that you are all healthy and safe and warm...

In the DiBella household, to be honest, January was quite a challenge! We had to restructure our routines to accommodate a new healthier lifestyle (stillll working on that) and to accommodate my increasingly hectic school schedule including evening classes and a few weekend classes--I am completely dreading those! Whoever thought it was a great idea to create a class from 9-5 both Saturday & Sunday is pretty crazy, but I guess you're probably thinking...well you chose to take the crazy good point. Well taken. But there's no turning back now! And in the class's's only a few weekends I'm sacrificing. 

Anyway, I thought since things have been so hectic and I haven't really shared much with you lately on the happenings here at the DiBella home it would be a great time to do a quick update! 

First of all, the whole desk organization process has been a slow one. I think it's partially due to me starting school last week and having an abundance of other "more pressing" tasks to get done. I think the other part is that there is so much work to be done! However, here are where we are on the process (I'll save full pictures for when it is finished). 

1. I went to Michael's the other day and picked up a few things to add some color and interest to our desk space. 

This neat extra-large clip is fantastic! It was .99 in the sale bins. I thought it was a fun little gadget to bring some fun to the desk space. For now, I paired it with some pictures we took at a friend's wedding in the photo booth they had and a pretty green flower pot I also found at Michael's for 3.99 to hold our pens & pencils. 

This photo frames have ribbons they can be hung by. Clearly we haven't picked out photos to put in them yet, but I'm thinking we may choose two pictures of lighthouses we've visited and print them in black and white. 

2. We got sick and tired of coming home to our bulletin boards peeling off our walls and falling all over the place. We got them for $5 at Target and are thoroughly disappointed with them. They just do NOT stay on the wall. 

So, we purchased a more traditional bulletin board that I'm planning to cover with burlap like this one:

Pinned Image  (found at pinterest)
In the meantime, we took off the ugly falling apart bulletin squares and we were left with tons of stickies that would NOT come off. Frank had to use sand paper to get them to come off. Good thing we live in an apartment with hundreds of layers of the same paint color, so it's not super noticeable..and once we put the bulletin board on top it shouldn't be noticeable at all. We can hope...

3. We did a huge organization with our 2 filing baskets. I'll go into more detail when we reveal our newly organized space, but here's a photo of our progress! We purchased new filing folders with prettier labels...although a label maker is a new addition to my wish list. We threw out a BUNCH of stuff. And we made additional folders to organize our madness more efficiently. 

In addition to working on our desk space, we have been working on creating a healthier routine and diet that works with our unique schedule due to my school hours. This week I tried luna bars. And can I tell you I absolutely love them! I tried the Chocolate Dipped Coconut flavor and the Caramel Nut Brownie flavor. So good. And they really do keep me full! They have tons of protein and will be a huge help for those nights I am in class until late or can't make dinner until 7 or 8 at night.

I have also resolved to trying to put veggies into our diet as much as possible. This morning, for example, I wanted to make some eggs for breakfast and thought, hey what a great way to add a cup of veggies! I made an omelette with a cup of asparagus, broccoli, red onions, and diced grape tomatoes. I added a slice of american cheese and it was delish!

I have to be honest though, we haven't been the best with our gym resolution. But, we did get a half hour in this morning in preparation for the game food we will eat later! And we took some time this weekend to talk through which days in particular we will meet at the gym and set a goal for getting over to the gym 2-3 days a week to start. You have to start somewhere! I have a feeling once we get to doing that regularly we may even get to the gym more often out of habit...we shall see. 

And my burning question for you is:

Are you watching the Superbowl today? If so, who are you rooting for!?

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