Friday, February 8, 2013

An Addition to the Coffee Station

Wow what a week! Jeeze, these weeks are beginning to give me whiplash! This week I had my first paper due for class, completed a big project at my internship, and all of a sudden it's already Friday! And actually, we're getting a decent storm here this weekend that I didn't even know about until 8pm last night when Frank turned on the news! Sometimes I really don't know how time flies so fast!

So more on the storm...we're supposed to have some kind of blizzard. It was pouring this morning as I was leaving the house around 7am. Then, about 7:30am it started to snow as I was driving on the turnpike. Everyone immediately started driving about 30 miles per hour. Ridiculous. Then, after I struggled to walk in the wind, rain/snow, I got to work and it began to sleet. Luckily my boss let us go home after lunch since the temperature seemed to be dropping and as I walked back to my car, this is what I saw...nice sized pellets of sleet!

So after leaving work, it took me an hour to get to the Shoprite near our apartment! It all looked like slush, but really it was sleet. By the time I was leaving the grocery store, it was raining again. It was NOT fun carrying groceries to my car and then from my car to the apartment. Definitely dropped a few things along the way. But at least I managed to get my groceries despite the crowds of people buying way too much milk and bread for a day of snow if you ask me...good thing we drink Almond Milk...less popular and there was still some left!

Anywho. What I really wanted to share with you today is a little addition to our coffee station! Both Frank and I have been wanting to put some wall art up in the kitchen and since I'm so busy lately, I haven't had time to DIY any art. When we were at Target last week picking up some things for our office (can't wait to show the finished organized desk space we've been working on!), we found these cute little coffee pictures for 50% off! We had actually looked at them a while back, but couldn't justify spending money on them. They were only $7.50 this time! Score.

The problem I'm having is understanding who in the world thought that having a phone jack right in the middle of the wall would be a great idea. Worst possible placement ever. I guess it's because our apartment was built in the 70's when wall phones were common. I am currently brainstorming ways to cover it up or at least make it less obvious. 

I am excited that we are finally putting things on the wall! Since we pretty much decided not to paint the walls until we find out if we will be renewing the lease for another year, we need to bring color to the rooms another way. This is a great way to do it. There's enough color in these photos to bring out the red in our accessories like the red salt & pepper shakers we have and our red and white striped towels. 

For now, it works. At the moment, the best idea I've been able to think of is to create a photo wall. Maybe a small peg shelf in line with the light switches to hold coffee cups. And maybe 2 wooden or canvas signs with our last name or the phrase "EAT" or "Bon Appetite!" 

Friends, what would you do to cover up our phone jack so that it's less of an eyesore?

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