Saturday, April 27, 2013

Succulent Swooning

Okay, let me be honest with you. I do not have a green thumb. 

I am a plant killer. Serious. I bought a basil plant last summer. Give me two weeks. Wilted and dying. Give me a parsley plant. Give me a week. Dead. Give me tulips. Died in two days.  I don't know what I do so terribly wrong, but I'm determined to learn to at least keep my plants alive for longer than a few weeks! 

So, I've been swooning over the recently popular succulents.  {CLICK each photo to link to the source}

Tips on keeping succulents alive from Sand & Sisal

A tutorial on building a succulent garden from the lovely April from House by Hoff on Migonis Home blog. Both great reads!

All of these ideas are so great! So, Frank and I went on a trip to Lowe's {one of those stores we cannot walk out of empty handed...} and ended up buying three succulent plants. I bought the terracotta pots for them, but haven't quite decided how to decorate the pots yet. The pictures above are my inspiration. But for now, I'm hoping to at least just keep them alive!

I found these tips for planting succulents

Do you own a succulent? What are your tips and tricks to keep them healthy?


April Hoff said...

Your succulents look fantastic! Mine are still alive! It might be the longest I've ever been able to keep a plant alive! :) Thanks for the feature!

Brittany Helen said...

Thanks April! Glad yours are still alive too! I think I'm going to take your advice and get some cactus soil too.