Monday, April 29, 2013

Organization 101- week 7 The Linen Closet

How we organized our Linen Closet!

So, remember back in January, February and March when I had been working on big organization projects from A Bowl Full of Lemons blog? {catch up here to see our kitchen} {catch up here to see our pantry}

Well, while I was on our little "Spring Break" we worked on A Bowl Full of Lemon's week 7 The Linen Closet. {See her post here}

So, in order to completely clean our linen closet, we followed some rules from the Home Organization 101 series {see her complete list here}. 

1. First, we took pictures and completely emptied our linen closet. I'm pretty sure Frank's facial expression was priceless when he came home and saw the entire bathroom on the bathroom floor.

I sat there with a trash bag and made piles of things that did not belong in the bathroom, things that were alike, and things that need to be thrown out. And those things went straight into the trash bag!

2. Second we cleaned out the space, wiped down, dusted, and swept until it was nice and clean. If you're going to put back everything nice and neat, it only makes sense to make sure everything is freshly wiped down. Besides, how often do you completely empty your closets?

3. Then, we had to figure out where everything would go using containers for alike items to neatly fit them back into the closet. That's the best way to keep things clean--when everything has its own place. 

Now isn't that so much better!? Everything has a neat little place. 

All the towels are neatly folded and fit on one shelf. Our sheets fit nicely on another shelf. And the top shelf holds extra blankets and extra towels we rarely use. 

The bottom shelves hold laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, and a basket of extra toiletries that I pick up for when we run out of things. 

I'm using a clementine bin for our cleaning cloths, dryer sheets, and dry cleaning sheets. I am planning to paint the bin someday to make it look nicer, but  for now it's the perfect size to hold all those smaller things.

I had this shower caddy from Target and used it to store all of our cleaning bottles and sponges. That way they're in one place and I can carry the bucket to wherever I'm cleaning. 
The brown bin is from Target as well and is perfect for storing extra rolls of toilet paper without it looking like a mess. 

The Before & After photos are my favorite!

What have you organized lately?


April Hoff said...

Doesn't it feel so good to organize something? I always feel so much better!:)

Brittany Helen said...

Yes April! It feels great! I still have some work to do to "pretty it up", but I love being able to find stuff!
Thanks for visiting!