Friday, May 10, 2013

A Guide to Our Summer Home Projects

So, you've seen our humble home. {If you haven't, check it out here} And, I'm sure you have also seen how much work we still have to want to do!

Some of you are probably saying to yourselves, "Wait...they live in an apartment they will likely move out of it in a year or two...why work so hard on something you can't keep?" 

My answer to this question is this:

Just because you live in an apartment does not mean your decorating, home projects, and work are in vain. And just because you live in an apartment does not mean that you can't have a cozy, comfortable space filled with your personality and creativity. 

Sure! We'd love to live in our own home some day, but right now this is where we are and we are determined to make it a place we can't wait to return to at the end of the day and a place we take pride in showing people--like you! 

So, in keeping with that theme, I've decided to show you some photos from our most recent home tour and show you some of our plans to make our space more unique, colorful, and cozy. Along the way I hope I'll inspire some other apartment dwellers to remember that we can have gorgeous homes too!

1. Add Wall Art

One of the best ways to add color to a dull space is to hang up art with color in it! In our kitchen we hung up these two adorable pieces of coffee cup art above our coffee station. It helps, but we still have some problems--mainly the awkward placement of the light switch and the ancient phone jack right. in the middle. of the wall. 

The goal is to make these things less visible by adding more art to transform it into a gallery wall like the one below. 

{CLICK on photo to go to the source}

Or this one which hides the thermostat and light switches. 

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We also need to add some serious wall art above our couch with this lonely picture of Ocracoke, NC

Maybe something like these?

{CLICK on photo to go to the source}

{CLICK on photo to go to the source}

The good thing about adding wall art is that you can always remove it, switch it around, and take it with you when you move!

2.  Curtains

Adding curtains to our apartment did wonders for the space! Ours are from Ikea. 

If you want to add color in your apartment this is a great way to do it--and you can take curtains with you too! So no need to worry about wasted time.

We want to find unique ways to pull back our curtains to add some color and character.

{CLICK on photo to go to the source}
3. Update Furniture

We were so happy with how our coffee table and end table came out after sanding them down and giving them a nice stain and paint job. So why not continue to update old, sad furniture? 

Adding some color and interest to the pieces that you have living in your home give it personality and a put-together feel. You can bring furniture with you when you move too!

We are planning to give this table set a major paint job...and maybe even some color?

Maybe like these?
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{CLICK to go to the Source}
We also have some big plans for this little dresser...

4. Make the most of a small space

True, apartments don't have the most space. But, that doesn't mean you can't work with it. Then, when you move into a larger space you at least have the main pieces you need to create the same space on a larger scale. 

We have a very tiny porch, but at least we have a place to store all of Frank's hockey equipment, tools, and our bikes. We still have room for a small sitting area, too! We have tons to do to work on our porch, but we are excited to get started! We'll need to add some more plants, some color, a table, and maybe some fun accessories. 

Having a small space doesn't mean you can't create a small get-away

Some of our inspiration:

{CLICK on photo to go to the source}

{CLICK on photo to go to the source}

{CLICK on photo to go to the source}

{CLICK on photo to go to the source}

So, we have lots of work ahead of us! But, the point is, just because you live in a small space does not mean that it can't be full of color, fun, and personality. Frank and I are excited and are up to the challenge to transform our little 1 bedroom apartment into a home we're proud of !

Do you live in an apartment or a small space? How do you make it work for you?

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