Monday, May 27, 2013

Breakfast for Dinner

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Frank and I spent the weekend visiting family and friends and enjoying time together. On Friday we had a date night using mostly things we already had at home. We made crepes for dinner and had cheese, chocolate and wine while we watched a movie.

I used a very basic recipe that I found on Pinterest to make the crepes. To make them you'll need:

3 eggs 
1 cup flour
2/3 cup cold milk
2/3 cup cold water
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons melted butter

{click on the picture below to see the full recipe and directions}

1. Mix all the ingredients with a whisk until mostly smooth.

2. Fill a greased pan with about 1/2 cup of the mix and tilt your pan until the mixture coats the pan in a thin layer. Watch the crepe for a few minutes until it starts to bubble from underneath. Using a wide spatula, flip the crepe and wait until it is lightly browned and bubbling underneath on the opposite side.

**The amount of time the crepes take to cook decreases as you go along, so be careful towards the end.

3. Put finished crepes between foil to make sure they stay warm until all of the mixture is used.

Then, we put out different toppings we already had in our fridge and pantry out on the table and tried different combinations. We used nutella, peanut butter, fresh fruit and a smidge of syrup for ours.

You can use:

powdered sugar
peanut butter
fresh fruit
hazelnuts or sliced almonds
whipped cream

or anything else you have on hand

Then, we opened a bottle of wine and enjoyed pepper-jack cheese, crackers and Ghirardelli chocolate in two different flavors: mint and dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds. So good!!

Having breakfast for dinner can be a delicious treat once in a while and paired with some wine, cheese and chocolate made it the perfect Friday night date for Frank and I!

Question of the Day: Have you ever had breakfast for dinner? What breakfast food do you eat? 

Have a Happy Memorial Day!

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