Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cleaning my Make-Up Brushes

So, I've been told that I should be cleaning my make-up brushes. Oops! I guess this is one of those things that is easily forgotten when there are many more important things to be cleaning, like the dishes sitting in my sink right now...

Bacteria can build up in the hairs and make-up gets stuck between the hairs which can damage them. It was about time that I attempted to clean mine!

 I decided to take the advice from Beauty Book blog from a post of hers I had pinned. 

Beauty Book on Pinterest
So according to Anne-Marie from Beauty Book, there is a simple solution to cleaning make-up brushes without spending money on a special brush cleaner from Sephora. I am all for that! Since I have been using the Bare Minerals make-up line I have been using my brushes daily and they were pretty beat up!

Anne-Marie says all you need is 3 parts anti-bacterial dish soap and 1 part olive oil. Mix them on a plate. 

Then swirl your brushes around in the mixture, swirl around in your hand, and rinse with cool water. 
{Do not use hot water! Hot water can strip the glue that holds the hairs on your brush together}

Then, place brushes on some paper towel to dry. I washed mine in the afternoon and they were dry by the next morning. I suggest you wash your brushes on the weekend or right after you use them in the morning so they are dry by the next morning. 

The olive oil really repairs brittle hairs and makes the brush so smooth again! My brushes came out wonderfully and didn't have any residue left over! I love the Beauty Book's routine and will try to be better about keeping up with my brushes! 

Do you have a routine for cleaning your make-up brushes? What formula do you use?

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