Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shad Festival, 2013

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in New Jersey! Gorgeous trees in bloom, bright flowers, blue skies, and perfect temperatures in the low-mid 70s! I can't say the same for today as I'm looking outside right now at rainy, wet conditions, but I am so thankful for the weekend we had.

One of our favorite places to hang out in is the Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA area.  Lambertville is full of cute coffee places, antique stores, interesting shops and restaurants with narrow streets, gorgeous Victorian style homes and charming row homes. New Hope is known for it's artsy feel, unique shops and restaurants. These two towns are simply divided by the Delaware River and a bridge. 

Annually, Lambertville holds what they call the Shad Festival. I don't know much about fishing, but apparently the end of April marks the best time for Shad fishing. By midday during the Shad Festival the streets are lined with vendors, the town is packed with people, and the river is full of fishermen scooping up Shad with their nets. Paired with the musicians playing along the streets, the smell of Shad Sandwiches (or "Shadwiches") and the gorgeous Spring weather it makes for a fun relaxing day in the town. 

People crowded the bridge to watch a couple of fishermen who were catching loads of Shad and showing off their catches. 

We also wandered around the cute narrow streets of Lambertville and saw tons and tons of tulips! I think tulips are becoming my new favorite flower. I couldn't resist taking lots of pictures. 

Another thing we love about these river towns is the canal path that lines the river. The canal has become a great biking and running trail and travels all the way to Trenton, NJ. In the Spring it is particularly beautiful.

Crowds of people gathered along the river to listen to music, watch the fishermen and eat food. This view is from the New Hope, PA side of the bridge looking at the edge of the river by Lambertville Station.

What did you do this weekend?

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