Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Wish List: Bedroom

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have been swooning over some great Pinterest links lately and decided to do a "Wednesday Wish List" post on ideas for our bedroom. We have made some big changes to our bedroom lately including our pretty paint job we did this past Winter.

We also added photos of lighthouses we've visited together above the bed and curtains.

Although these small changes have definitely added significant progress to our room, we have a LONG way to go before we achieve the romantic, beachy, cozy feel we are going for. So, here are a few things we'd love to add to our bedroom to make some significant progress towards our dream room!

1. Ambiance through candles. I love the look of a simple bamboo box or a shabby crate holding shells, rocks or other neutral pieces with a few votive candles. It's simple, relaxing and perfect for on top of a dresser or on a small table or a large window sill.

2. Clean and creative jewelry organization. I seriously need to get my jewelry in order. I cannot decide how to do this in a way that will not take away from the calm of the room yet still cleans up the mess that is my jewelry right now. I like these two examples from Pinterest.

Frames with painted bulletin boards makes the jewelry look like art.
Or, this example uses painted flower pots and trays to create a DIY jewelry holder.

3. More paint. I cannot stand to have matching furniture. It goes a long way to have mismatched but complimentary furniture in a room and makes the room unique and interesting. One of these days I am hoping to paint our night stands white or this gorgeous subtle gray in the picture below. 


4. Dark stain. Along with the idea of painting furniture, dark stains are becoming more and more common. Beachy spaces usually have a mixture of washed out stains and pale colored furniture with pieces with a deep dark finish. I love the look of the dresser below and would love to give Frank's dresser this look by staining it darker and adding very simple knobs on the drawers. 

5. Mirrors. We were so fortunate to have been given a full bedroom set by my aunt and uncle when we were married. Bedroom sets can be extremely expensive and we are so lucky to have a full set that is in great condition. However, as I mentioned above, it's so nice to be able to make furniture, hand-me-downs especially, your own. Another way I hope to do this is to replace the mirror that is currently attached to my dresser with a unique one.
I love the idea of going with a dark wood with a beachy/drift-wood feel or a white-painted ornate one like the second picture. Both would go right above my dresser. I also like the idea of having a large mirror, like the ones in these pictures, that lean against the wall on the floor. It's a great new take on full-length mirrors, but we'll need a bigger room to make this idea work...



There are other ideas floating around in my head for our bedroom, some simple and some big projects. I am hoping to tackle some of these this summer so stay tuned! And if you find me wandering flea markets and yard sales...I'm probably searching for a mirror, frames or crates for my votive candles.
Have an excellent Wednesday!
Question of the Day: What's one update you've done to your bedroom to make it uniquely yours?

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