Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Wish List: Entryway

Today we're going to talk about entryways. One of the things I love about our apartment is that we actually have a small entryway (more like a hallway) instead of most apartments that open right up into living space.

Entryways are the first thing you see when you walk through the door and the first part of your home a guest sees when coming to visit. This makes entryways important and you'll want to decorate yours with bright and cozy items to welcome anyone to your home.

For now, our entryway is pretty empty aside from a great shelf we got as a gift for our wedding from my cousin and his girlfriend.

Here it is decorated for Christmas:

To the left there is an entrance to our kitchen and the door adorned with Christmas cards is our pantry.

Although it is definitely small, there's certainly room for a great bench or very slim table. I've been loving the great ideas for entryways I've found on Pinterest filled with many things on my wish list!

Entryway Wish List:
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There are so many things I absolutely love about the first picture. The gorgeous color of the piece, its versatility (as coat rack, statement and storage space), and how compact it is. If you don't have a piece like this, you could easily create the look of it by adding a mirror below or above a peg board or shelf and a bench or small table below it.

I also want to point out just how much I adore the basket on the bottom shelf that could easily hold winter hats/scarves in the Winter, flip-flops and towels in the summer, or even umbrellas.

A large basket and either a narrow table or narrow bench are both on my wish list for our hallway.

This table is too big for my space, but I love the industrial look mixed with natural pieces. I also love the idea of bringing a lamp into an entryway, if you can. Many entryways have overhead lights, but a lamp brings warmth and almost transforms the space into another room.

More artwork and something industrial-looking is definitely on my wish list for our hallway. 

One thing I have been pining for is an umbrella holder. I never seem to see them in stores, but I guess you could technically get creative using any large ceramic vase, basket or galvanized bucket.

I am definitely going to be on the look-out for an umbrella holder for our entryway. 

Entryways can also be accessorized just like any other room. Tables and shelves are great for this, but you can also hang artwork or display baskets. 

Question of the Day: Do you have an entryway? What do you display in yours?

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