Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Introducing...the New Project!

I bet you're thinking to yourself, um, still haven't finished your kitchen table yet! How are you working on a new project already!?

Yeah...I know. But! Frank and I were in the middle of working on our table. We went out to take a break for a while and returned to find this gorgeous piece of work on the side of the road...for free!! How could we pass up free!? Especially when it was uniquely designed and in perfect condition! well...for a makeover...

And besides...this took almost no time to sand down. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with it. Some of you responded to my posts on Facebook asking for suggestions on what color to paint this beauty and I received some really interesting suggestions! Some of you said black, some said white, some said green or aqua blue! Some of you even thought I shouldn't paint it at all! So many choices!!

I thought I'd share some of my brainstorming here today both to help me to organize my thoughts and also to hear more feedback from you!

And I promise, our table is still in progress! I am working on putting the finishing touches on the chairs and the table is all ready for some coats of stain and polyurethane as soon as the weather cooperates!

Here's a quick sneak peek shot of the nice smooth edges we worked on over the weekend:

Okay, so about the little beauty we picked up on the side of the road. There are many ideas floating around in my head, but one thing is for sure. We are thinking we are probably going to make it into a bar cart. This will be a place we can store wine glasses that have been sitting in boxes in our closet since they are too tall to fit in our kitchen cabinets, a place to store our wine bottles and some serving items. Here are some examples:

This first one is solely a wine bottle rack and has drawers, so obviously ours would look different. But we are thinking about either putting a wine rack on the bottom of the 'cart' or installing a shelf for the wine bottles like the ones in this cabinet.

Rustic Tuscan Wine Cabinet

Here is a tutorial I found on pinterest for now to create shelving for wine bottles. I'm sure we could figure out how to make it fit into our 'cart'. 

My homemade wine rack

If this idea does not work out, we can always find other interesting and stylish ways to display our wine:

wine rack

Lazio Wine Rack

Or, we could install shelving above the 'cart' similar to this. I'd probably prefer to choose wood shelving and paint it to match the cart to create the illusion that it's one flowing piece of furniture. 

Bar set up for a small space.

I also love the idea of resting an interesting tray on the top of the cart for serving utensils, linens, flowers, or other items needed for serving. This picture also has their dresser on castors which is such a great idea to make it easy to move the cart around (and adds a little height). I also really love the bright blue color they used.

desk turned bar

Speaking of are some thoughts, keeping in mind some of your suggestions!

Our living room area has various blues and greens. Since the dining room area and living room area are one big room, I want to either keep the piece neutral or add in colors that will make the two living spaces flow.

I love this navy color. It's not too dark, but using a color could brighten up the space and create a nice surprising "pop" in the room. 

Navy dresser, styled beautifully!  (Love the three bud vases)

I also love the idea of creating a distressed look to give the cart a beachy feel. The piece already has a vintage charm to it, so I think using chalk paint or a subdued hue would fit nicely with the piece while keeping it flowing with the rest of the furniture. I'd choose white, grey, or a very light aqua blue. 


chalk paint!  No sanding, priming, etc....only 1 coat!

One other thought is to maybe add some pallet wood to the back of the piece to add a more rustic feel to it, but I have yet to try working with pallet wood and admire those who do...I've heard it's  very difficult to work with pallets. So this idea may be wishful thinking...

**Noting Grace**: DIY Pallet Bookcase Tutorial

So...what do you think!? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for stopping by!

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