Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday, Monday...

Hi Everyone! Can you believe it's July 1st already!? I definitely cannot. It seems like June was just a big blur! Frank and I have been so incredibly busy. The first weekend in June was my sister's graduation party. Then, the following weekend we celebrated our 1 year anniversary by attending our good friends' wedding. The weekend after that was Father's day which we celebrated down in Pennsylvania at my sister's new apartment. Then, my Dad's birthday was the weekend after that (lucky guy had two special weekends in a row!). This past weekend we spent Saturday working on our table top re-do and today we went to the beach with our good friends who drove up with their two-year-old son from Lancaster. Busy, busy, month!'s no wonder I haven't posted as many updates as I normally do!

Also, our "little" table re-do project is taking WAY longer than we imagined it would. We found out yesterday why. We were using the wrong type of sander. I guess when you're new at DIY projects and when you've never built anything out of wood before you make mistakes and learn along the way.

When we originally started, we were using two electric sanders and we purchased 5 different grades of of sandpaper. But, the sanding took us days. We sanded last Saturday before we even glued the table together, Sunday once we cut the table and twice during the week. We felt like we weren't getting anywhere and the table was still raised at the joints and on both of the end pieces.

After working for another hour this weekend and feeling frustrated that we weren't getting anywhere with leveling the table, Frank did some research and we realized we should have been using an orbital sander all along! We ran out to Home Depot and picked up this orbital sander.

This little guy seriously saved our sanity. I am happy to say we have the table pretty much level and just need to go over it a few more times with some fine sandpaper to finish it off.

I also had a chance to work on some painting this weekend. Remember the scratched up, dirty white pedestal?

I sanded it down. Applied a coat of primer and two coats of a pale grey. I am so in love with the gorgeous color we chose from Martha Stewart's paint color line at Home Depot! (I'll share the color name in the final table reveal).

I also sanded down the chairs, primed those, and began painting the tops of the chairs the same gray. As I was painting I started wondering what the chairs would look like if I painted the legs white and the top gray for some color blocking action. Or, I was pondering the idea of doing the paint dipped look and painting the whole chair gray except for about 8 inches on the bottom of the legs.

Our goal is to try to get the table and chairs done next weekend so we can start working on the next project on our list!

Question of the Day: What do you think? Should I paint the chairs all gray? Paint the chairs two-toned? Or, paint dip the chairs?

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slydegirll said...

Two-tone gray? I'm not sure the gray on white would look super, even with a brighter white.