Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday Wish List: Scrapbooking Storage

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it before, but I used to be obsessed with scrapbooking. As I am typing this I am looking across the room at my bookcase where I have six completed scrapbooks. At my parents' house I have about six more!

If you've ever scrapbooked you know that the more supplies the better! And it's easy to begin collecting so much paper and so many embellishments that it quickly gets out of control and you no longer have a place to store anything. Such is my life.

I started to browse Pinterest...where else?...for ideas on how to organize my supplies. One day I'd love to have an actual room for all my crafting supplies, DIY projects, and scrapbooking, but I think that is way on down the road. But, it doesn't hurt to dream right? Here are some super neat ideas I found.

1. Use a photo album to store stickers, gems, dye cuts, etc. I love this idea! It's so doable in any space.

Keep all of your bling in a photo album so it is easier to find what you need.  Genius!  Sure beats digging through the drawer over and over again!

2.  I tend to use a lot of ribbon when I scrapbook...a lot. Ribbon easily gets tangled and super messy. These ideas are genius for keeping everything in order and easy to find.

Ribbon Basket Storage

Ribbon dispenser from plastic bottles.

3. These craft rooms are to die for! Not reality for me right now...but a girl can dream right?

obsessed. neeeeed for scrapbooking.
I just love the drawers! It would be so perfect to put labels on each drawer for the type of paper/supplies in each one. I also adore that stool!

Such a cute craft room!
This picture is a bit more feasible. I love the use of the bookcase to hold supplies and the peg board! It's so cheery and so practical! The shelf and numbered bins below are an added plus! Swoon.

Question for you! Do you scrapbook or do some other craft? Do you have a craft space? I'd love to hear about it! 

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