Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY Framed Jewelry

Does anyone else have trouble finding attractive and functional jewelry storage? I certainly do. I used to keep all my jewelry in a box and hated rummaging around every time I wanted to find a specific necklace or bracelet. I also tried a fabric covered compartmentalized tray that didn't work since the compartments were too small and my necklaces always ended up getting tangled. I saw some inspiration on Pinterest {here}and decided to create jewelry storage that doubles as decoration.

This project took me a total of 15 minutes. I probably could have made this an even more affordable project if I was patient enough to wait around for two pretty frames at a garage sale, but since it is the winter, I picked these two frames up for 50% off at Hobby Lobby at $8 a piece. I had cork laying around from when I tried putting cork squares up by our desk in the previous apartment. I picked up a roll of burlap for $5 and only used about 1/3 of the roll, so I have plenty for another project. Total cost per frame- $10.50!

 To make your own framed jewelry display you'll need:

1. glue gun
2. cork
3. empty frame (without the glass)
4. burlap
5. push pins

Just cut the cork to fit the back of the frame and cover the cork in burlap. Then, hot glue gun the burlap covered cork into place. Use push pins to drape your necklaces and bracelets or even earrings. And voila!

So, how do you display your jewelry?

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