Friday, April 11, 2014

Elephant Nursery Reveal

Hey, remember when I promised to show you the finished nursery? I won't feel bad if you don't remember since that was probably almost two months ago at this point. But, life happened, had a baby, you know...

So needless to say I had more plans for the nursery and it still doesn't feel 100% complete, but I figured I'd reveal it since it's just about as finished as it will get in the next month and that way I can just update you on the last little odds n' ends and little touches as I complete them. 

When we first found out we were having a baby, I was thrilled! And...of course thrilled to plan a nursery. I knew right away I wanted to do something gender neutral and I also wanted to use a lot of neutral colors. I also knew I needed to decorate with a budget in mind. 

First, I chose the color palette. I went with white, grey and burlap for the base of the room and chose mint as an accent color. Finding "mint" and the same minty color throughout was extremely challenging. Especially with paint. We ended up painting the nursery in Spring Mist by Martha Stewart which you can purchase at Home Depot. The color looked like a soft grey with a hint of minty green in it, but once on the walls it looked much more of a blue tint than green. We actually fell in love with the color and decided it worked well as a tinted grey and kept it up on the walls. It's actually a pretty seafoam hue which I absolutely love. Gradually the mint part of the color scheme switched to variations of a seafoam blue. You'll notice some of the pictures it looks like a grey, sometimes it looks minty and sometimes more blue. 

The crib was purchased at Buy Buy Baby and we got it for a super discounted price! It was on sale from $250 for $199 and then we used a 20% off coupon and got the crib for $160. Go us. The rocking chair we are borrowing from my parents. 

These adorable elephant sheets are from Target and were only $10 (they are on sale right now for $8!). They were the inspiration for the DIY elephant mobile above the crib and for the theme of the room. The blanket is Aden and Anais from Buy Buy Baby. I love this brand. I have a bunch of their swaddle blankets and adore how big and stretchy they are. They are also light enough that I can either double them up or use just one so that Evan doesn't get too warm. 

I framed four of my favorite ultrasound photos. Sorry for the glare on the one. I couldn't seem to get enough light without getting too much glare. The frames are from Ikea and I just cut pieces of burlap and placed the ultrasound photos on top of the burlap. 

The "E" was a gift from a friend at my shower. It's a minty green and made of tin. I love it! 

The rocking chair cover was a great find! It's from Carousel Designs Baby Bedding. It was one of the pricier items, but I got it on sale for $60 from the original price of $84. I couldn't pass up the cuteness and had a really hard time finding any other chair cushions that weren't hideous. 

This is the gorgeous basket I found at HomeGoods. I use it to hold loads of diapers so that they are easily accessible, but look adorable. And of course I love the burlap and touch of industrial feel. Brings a little texture and masculinity to the room. 

The "Evan" sign was a gift from a friend. She hand-painted it! The white shelf was actually in my room when I was a baby. It used to be a dark brown, so Frank and I painted it white and loaded it up with Evan's stuffed animals. 

There's the "E" from when I did the yarn wrapped letters for Evan's name. I ended up only using the "E" for now since I couldn't find a good place for his whole name. I may end up moving it in the future and using his full name at some point. We will see. 

The burlap bin is another HomeGoods find. I use it to keep his bath supplies, lotion and diapering cream. I just love the chalkboard label on the front. 

I still have a few decorations to work on and my parents are finishing up another piece of furniture that they should be dropping off here this weekend! I will post an update once we have it. 

For looks like I have a project ahead of me with this closet. So embarrassing, but it's the truth. 

Since we only have two bedrooms, the nursery triples as his nursery, our office and my craft room. So, the closet is packed to the brim. I need to work on trying to figure out a system to organize my scrapbooking supplies, cleaning supplies and his blankets and clothes without having things tumble on my head when I open the closet door! This just might be a spring project...or series of projects.

I have to say I love being back on the blog! I am still taking it a bit easy, but plan to be posting somewhat regularly now that Evan and I seem to have fallen into a bit of a routine. Next week I'll be sharing a bit more about his first month and hopefully a small project. 

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