Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baltimore mini-vacation

So last weekend the Husband and I took my parents for a trip to Baltimore mostly because my dad is a huge Orioles fan and we wanted to treat him to a game at Camden Yards. So off we went on some of the hottest days of the summer!
We spent the day in the Inner Harbor. Ducking in and out of air-conditioned locations (obviously). But first we went to eat at a great Irish pub that had an excellent view of the harbor from the balcony where we ate. And my mom absolutely loved her Maryland crab cakes!
the mom with her crab cake sandwich

the husband and I

the harbor
Then, we went on a tour of two of the four historical boats they had in the harbor. First the submarine...

And then the huge battle ship...

After we finished touring the harbor, we headed off to the Orioles game where my Dad had a blast watching his team...well, not win, but play hard! And he even got a signature by a man named 'Boog' who apparently used to be on the Orioles team when they went to the world series...a while ago.

Oh! And I forgot. As some of you may know from  previous posts, the Husband and I love love love lighthouses. We have seen a great deal of them and hope to someday make it a hobby to see as many as we can. While we were at the Inner Harbor we got to tour a really unique lighthouse which made us both super happy and rekindled our love for lighthouses. Hopefully we will be able to tour more soon!

It was an exceptional day followed by a relaxing Sunday in York, PA where I made a fantastic purchase at a flea market we found (more details in a future post) and Lancaster, PA where we visited one of my favorite restaurants in Lancaster, Lancaster Dispensing Company. We also briefly visited some friends in Lancaster which was great! Overall, it was a great weekend!

Next time, I'll explain a bit more about my purchase in York as well as a surprise purchase the Husband and I are super excited about!

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