Saturday, August 4, 2012

I love Lamps

So, as I mentioned on this week's Wednesday Wish List, one of the items we have been needing to buy are lamps. But, lamps are expensive, and since we have been living at my grandmother's house where there are lamps available, it was not a priority. Until...I saw these at Marshall's yesterday while shopping with my mom.

They were marked down from $55 to $29.99! The base is sea foam green and the shades are a sandy color. The bases are ceramic and just so unique aren't they? I was with my mom and wasn't sure if the Husband would like them or not so I just snagged them and brought them home to see if they'd even match our blue & sea foam green blanket or not.

They worked! And the husband said they were okay! I love them.
Excuse the fact that our pillows don't match our blanket AT ALL. Our normal comforter matches the pillows but since it's so hot lately we're using a summer blanket that doesn't really match the pillows super well. 

Notice the adorable baskets I got from Target on sale.

I also have been recently getting into yard sales/ flea markets lately. Like I mentioned in my post about Baltimore, I picked up these great blue tinted mason jars (totally my new obsession).

I put some freshly cut hydrangeas from the yard in one and an aqua candle in the other and clustered them on a table in our dining room area.

I just love the color and the fact that they were $7 for all three! (people were selling them for $5 a piece) I also found a few other items around the basement and house today as I was cleaning/rearranging things. I want to use them in some decorating, but still in the brainstorming phase.

This milk jug is just adorable. And that white vase was from my bedroom about 5 years ago. The tray I got at my bridal shower, but I haven't figured out yet how to display it.

This chair is perfect. It was in one of the guest bedrooms and is a light aqua blue (that color again!). It needs to be repaired a bit as you can see, but it has so much character!

And this clock was given to me. It was my grandmother's. I'm not sure where to put it but right now I'm thinking on a bookcase stacked on top of some books or somewhere in the guest room.

Any suggestions?? Hopefully I'll find a home for these things soon....among many other things lying around our house at the moment...

What did you do this Saturday?

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