Wednesday, February 12, 2014

35 Week Update

35. Yup. 35. I really can't believe we are 5 weeks away from the baby's expected birth date! I figured it is about time for an update.

32 Weeks


As I shared a few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes around 30 weeks and it was not an easy transition. I'm not a huge fan of needles (I'm not sure anyone is...) and not being able to eat the foods I've been craving has been challenging at best. However, 5 weeks later, I can say that I am definitely getting used to the routine and tracking my glucose levels. I've got a pretty good system down which helps and it's definitely not as a bad as I expected it to be.

As far as other symptoms, I'm doing pretty good! It's becoming more and more challenging to put on socks and shoes and to move around in general. I've also started to become super clumsy which is honestly comical at times--dropping stuff all over the place. Overall though, I honestly can't complain much. I feel like I can say that I have had a fairly mild pregnancy and I am just working on being relaxed, calm and preparing myself for birth.


Peanut butter. And of course all the carbs I cannot have like pasta, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and FRUIT. But peanut butter? Yeah, I've gone through 2 massive jars of creamy delicious peanut butter in the past 5 weeks. Not kidding. And there's another jumbo jar of it waiting in my pantry. With the gestational diabetes I'm supposed to balance each carb with a protein. So obviously that means I slather on the peanut butter pretty much every time I can. Having some rice cakes for breakfast? With a pound of peanut butter. Having a fiber one low carb brownie? With a huge glop of peanut butter. Apple slices? dipped in an excessive amount of peanut butter. Hungry? Grab a spoon of peanut butter. Yep. Just straight peanut butter. Yummmmmmy.

Nursery Progress:

Have you seen some of my latest posts? I finally finished the mobile and made super easy window treatments with fabric garlands. We also were able to wash and put away all the bedding and blankets, towels and washcloths and all the baby clothes we know we will use. We've unpacked all the gifts we received from the shower I had a couple of weeks ago and Frank and I started assembling things. We also purchased a cover for the rocking chair my mom is lending us for the nursery. I am so excited to sit in it!

We also installed the car seat this week and starting packing our bags for the hospital. All this prep work is both exciting and also really making it feel like our little boy is going to be here so so soon!

I'll also leave you with a few pictures from the beautiful shower that my Mom, Mother-in-Law and a few wonderful friends planned for me! It was so much fun and was great to celebrate the coming arrival of our little baby boy. Of course the theme was elephants...

My beautiful Mom, the mastermind of all the shower planning and decorating!

I have not taken any more belly photos since the shower, but I promise to have an updated one next time for the 36 week update. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and hey, if you missed yesterdays post, head on over to check out the Blogger Challenge post about using Pattern. Seven other fabulous bloggers posted about their projects as well so be sure to click on the links to their blogs at the bottom of my post! Happy Wednesday!

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Awe you look so cute! 5 more weeks!!