Friday, May 31, 2013

A Search for Glass Doorknobs

We purchased our curtains a few months ago for our living room and our bedroom from Ikea. They are extremely long (made to fit most windows) and need to be hemmed. They also came with simple fabric tie-backs that are currently barely holding the curtains to the side as place holders until we find tie-backs we really like. And honestly, I'm getting pretty sick of looking at them all crumpled.

Over the past few months since we bought the curtains I've been searching for unique ways to hold them back instead of just using the ties they came with. And I saw these two photos:

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I love the idea of using antique looking glass doorknobs! I especially like the idea of colored glass like in the first photo--I'd love to find blue for our living room and a similar sea glass colored green for our bedroom.

So, a few weekends ago Frank and I went to visit our friends Holly and Tim and their adorable son Levi in Lancaster, PA. I grew up in Massachusetts going to the same church as Holly and her family, she was in our wedding, and we are still close today! 

Photo via Kara Loomis Photography

We all decided to head into the town of Lancaster City, yes, Lancaster has an actual city! While we were there, Holly took us to a great antique shop with all sorts of bits and parts of old homes that were for sale--I loved that store!

However, I did not love the prices. It was definitely not the sort of place I'd buy something old. But! They did have tons and tons of doorknobs and dresser knobs. Even glass ones! I just wish they were not selling them for $50-$75 per doorknob...even when they were 20% off. 

Unfortunately I did not go home with any pretty curtain tie-backs during that trip, but I will certainly be searching flea markets and garage sales for something we can use. 

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all enjoy the weekend ahead! I personally cannot believe how quickly this week flew by (and I'm not complaining). This weekend is my sister's college graduation party and I'm so excited to celebrate with her! 

Come back next week for some updates on my {fitness} {journey} and hopefully Part 2 of the {Ugly Green Bathroom }series!

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Kara said...

Check etsy!!! a quick 2 second search came up with these:[0]=tags&ga_search_query=glass+door+knobs&ga_page=1&ga_view_type=gallery

You might be able to find some unique ones that you might not be able to find else where for decent prices :)