Saturday, September 14, 2013

Crisp Air

There's just something about the first crisp day. I know, I know...Autumn doesn't actually begin until September 22nd. But I think that's just silly. To me, Autumn starts with the first crisp day. As soon as that happens, in my home the pumpkin candles come out, I start baking things with pumpkin ingredients, and I start brainstorming the many ways I could start decorating with cozy accents for the season.

Can't you just smell the pumpkin through this post!? mmmm. September and October are truly my favorite months of the year. I love digging out the cozy sweaters, cuddling in blankets on the couch, picking apples and pumpkins and baking delicious fall treats. So all you Autumn haters out there: I'm sorry but this is my season!

It also helps that I have finally been feeling a bit more like myself. I was hoping to only have to take a very short break from the blog, but that "break" turned into a 6 week hiatus. To tell you pregnancy is exhausting would be an under statement. To all of you out there who have had children: I have SO much more respect for you now! ...and I have somehow ended up one of the rare lucky ones that didn't get sick. (don't hurt me). But, I'm pretty sure that I payed for that with super extra exhaustion. I feel like August just didn't happen because I was either busy working at my new job, forcing pizza, pasta, and toast down my throat hoping not to gag and sleeping...but "sleeping" means falling asleep only to wake up the next hour to use the bathroom anddddd repeat for the next 7 hours. Not pleasant.

Anyway, we are now at week 14 and I am starting to feel my energy creeping back slowly along with my appetite. I still cannot even look at chicken unless it's fried and slathered with buffalo sauce. Vegetables are only good if they are hidden in some way like in a wrap or panini or in spaghetti sauce. And black beans are still out of question along with hummus, both of which used to be staples of my diet. Apparently Baby D is picky. Eating has become somewhat of a chore lately due to both my neurotic appetite and lack of energy, but I'm determined to learn to use a crockpot--hopefully that will at least help the energy part. Recipes welcome.

Anyway, one of the things I am so excited about is to finally have the energy to pull our apartment back together and decorate for the season! First I plan to update our door with a new wreath. Pinterest has had some great ideas and I thought I'd include my top picks. Hopefully I'll have time to work on it this week so stop back for details!

Burlap: I love this, but it looks a bit complicated. I think you need a special type of wreath base to make the burlap all loopy.

Burlap Wreath - Burlap Projects

This wreath is from Etsy, but I could easily make this using a wreath base, a glue gun and some berries from a craft store.
Fall Berry Wreath

Same deal here...but I love the burlap bow. I'm a sucker for burlap. 

Easy DIY Fall Berry Wreath!

I bet I could collect some twigs and make this just by glue gunning (verb?) them together and making a few felt rosettes.
Pretty wreath

Colored burlap!!? Again, I'm a sucker for burlap. period. 


This wreath is gorgeous, but I would definitely make this without the pumpkins. The monogram is a nice touch, though. 


  Tell me: What do you think? Which wreath would you choose to make?

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